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About Us

About Us

Auburn Elementary School is comfortably nestled among a quiet residential neighborhood in North Auburn, providing many of our students and families with the convenience of walking to and from school.  We strive to engage students with a collaborative and supportive learning environment, with a focus on both academic rigor and social-emotional development.
Our staff is a committed team that is dedicated to meeting every child’s academic and social-emotional needs while providing a caring and supportive environment that promotes social responsibility.  In addition to our general education teachers, dedicated Physical Education and Band/Music teachers and a trained Art Docent volunteer help ensure a well-rounded educational program for each student.  A team of credentialed specialists work to provide students with supports and interventions required to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  
A well-rounded education includes healthy and fun extracurricular activities.  Sports and clubs provide an opportunity to learn sportsmanship and team-building skills that help students develop  into well-rounded individuals. We proudly offer seasonal after-school Cross-Country and Track and Field teams. For those who enjoy games, an after-school Chess club is offered. 
Fun and festive activities throughout the year include a Student Talent Show, “High 5” Assemblies every two weeks, and many dress up days that help build a sense of community and connection among students and faculty.  We hold annual activities that include a Fall Festival, Panther Dash, Jog-a-Thon and a year end staff versus 5th grade kickball game that everyone enjoys.  Auburn Elementary receives strong support from a dedicated Parent Teacher Club who strive to provide funding and support for many of these activities and events.  The Auburn Recreation District has an on-site Discovery Club as an option for before- and after-school daycare.
The Placer County Sheriff's Department is in close proximity to Auburn Elementary, and we appreciate a strong partnership with them.  Together, we collaborate to ensure a safe, secure school environment and best practices regarding school safety are implemented.
Each child in the Auburn Union School District will think analytically, solve problems, work cooperatively, explore creatively, and master common core standards. No matter their ability and background, students will be challenged and engaged, and obtain college and career readiness skills for a globally connected society.

We stand together to place each child at the heart of every decision.
AES Overview Presentation

AES Overview Presentation

For a brief overview of goals and opportunities at Auburn Elementary School, view our full presentation by clicking on the following link: Auburn Elementary School Slideshow - May 2019